Gong Bath Meditation at Donaldson’s Greenhouse & Nursery

Gong Bath Meditation at Donaldson’s Greenhouse & Nursery, Hackettstown, NJ

Tuesday, June 26th 7:00 – 8:00 PM

Join us Tuesday, June 26th at Donaldson’s Greenhouse & Nursery as they will be hosting Lisa Nixon of The Awakened Rose for a very special Gong Bath Meditation alongside their very tranquil Zen Garden.

Lisa will be bringing her 30″ Symphonic Gong. This instrument brings its own personal resonance and Lisa plays it gently and therapeutically to work in combination with the group’s vibration to achieve the best experience for everyone attending.

~ The Gong is known as a transformational instrument and an ancient form of Sound Therapy. It is a powerful yet grounding instrument affecting the nervous system. As the sound travels you are not just picking up the sound with your ears but feeling the touch on your skin as well.

As the Gong is played it creates constant tones and undertones that ripple like a pebble cast upon the water. There is no particular melody for the brain to follow. This disengages the mind and allows for one to connect to the deepest part of themselves. The tones take you deep into your consciousness, cleansing and clearing your mind into complete stillness. You will most likely enter a deep meditative or dreamlike state.

~ For pictures of the event area please click on the Discussion tab for this event.

Please arrive 15 minutes early.
Meditation will start promptly at 7:00
Energy Exchange for this event $35

* You will need to bring a thick yoga mat, small pillow and anything else you may need if you wish to experience this mediation while laying on the grass. For those who wish to sit, for your comfort we suggest bringing a fold-up type camping chair with you.

Please contact Denise Stevenson to reserve your spot for this event at: 908-852-7314 or by email: info@donaldsongreenhouse.com