nicholas staddon 2Nicholas Staddon
Plant expert and spokesperson.

Informative, insightful and definitely entertaining! Want to get your group excited about plants, gardening  and enjoying their outdoor living space? Nicholas offers  inspiration and ideas about gardening for both beginners  and seasoned gardeners.

His love of plants is infectious, and he is particularly  excited  about new varieties that have fantastic characteristics that  make more people successful in their garden. Traveling the  country searching for new plant varieties, he has his finger on the pulse of the latest gardening and design trends.  As the director of Monrovia’s new plants program, he works with breeders, hybridizers and professional plant explorers, searching for exciting new creations and discoveries in the plant world.

He looks for varieties that have improved habits – such as more
pest and disease resistance, easy care, dwarf or compact size, outstanding flower or foliage color and other desirable attributes. Staddon was born in England, where he received a degree in agricultural science from Whitnesham Agricultural College. He has been with Monrovia for 25 years and is the spokesperson for new plants. Because he regularly travels around the country and internationally, he has his eye out for the next gardening trend. He is a frequent speaker at flower and garden shows, botanical gardens and gardening clubs.

He is sought out by gardening journalists looking for insight into
plant and design trends….and for a guaranteed colorful quote! His incredible enthusiasm and deep passion for plants is evident in every word he speaks. He is featured in a series of how-to videos on and in dozens of Monrovia’s plant savvy videos.