Important to Note: Our fundraising programs are offered to our LOCAL groups and Organizations. We use a voucher program where fundraiser participants purchase vouchers and then come in and choose their favorite shape or color in the size plant they have purchased. This works perfectly for those local to our area as well as eliminating the need for the group to handle and transport quantities of plants. It will not work well for those that are of any distance from our location. Please consider this when planning your fundraising program with us.

Looking for a great fundraiser idea??? Donaldson’s Greenhouse Fundraising Program is the perfect choice for any school, team, band, cheerleaders or other non-profit fundraiser.  We offer a voucher program which makes fundraising easy and convenient..Our coupon program will simplify the fund raising process.

Throughout the year we offer vouchers featuring seasonal plants and flowers that are redeemable at our greenhouse for these items. You choose which items your organization wants to sell. Your organization then purchases the items from us at a set price, and then pre sells the items at a price that you determine. We always supply you with suggested pricing. You give us your totals and in return we give you printed vouchers to be distributed to the purchasers.The buyer of the coupon takes it to our greenhouse, and redeems it for the plant listed on the coupon at their convenience.There are no plants for your organization to pick up or handle. Plus the customer gets to choose exactly what they want from a much wider selection. 
We are happy to customize fundraisers to include items such as herbs, flower and vegetable flats, hanging baskets, potted flowers and even gift cards. Seasonally we offer Mums, poinsettias and Christmas wreaths. Please let us know how Donaldson’s Greenhouse can help make your fundraiser a huge success. For more information please contact Denise at (908) 852-7314 or

Community Involvement

Donaldson’s is proud to support many local organizations. . We donate plants and gift cards to non-profit organizations each year. Please join us in supporting these worthy causes.

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Request a Donation

We at Donaldson’s Greenhouse are happy to consider all requests for donations to worthy causes. We make every attempt to fulfill as many donation requests as we can. If you would like to request a donation please complete the donation request form and submit it to us for consideration. Please provide ample time for us to review your request. We will notify you as to whether or not we can meet your request.

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