April Green Ideas

pansiesFor Your Lawn

Lime and fertilize lawn and apply pre-emergent control to prevent crabgrass.

Re-seed areas of winter-killed lawn.

For Your Vegetable Garden

Plant peppers, tomatoes, and other warm-weather crops after all danger of frost has passed.

Top-dress beds with aged manure.

For Your Flower Beds

Prune hybrid tea and floribunda roses.

Feed tulip beds with 5-10-5 fertilizer.

Clean water gardens before growth begins. Plant new hardy water lilies.

Plant hardy annual and perennial flowering plants, such as pansies. Tender annuals can be planted when danger of frost has passed.

For Your Trees and Shrubs

Fertilize trees and shrubs. Remember to feed acid-loving plants, such as broadleaf evergreens.

Apply dormant oil spray to trees and shrubs if you have not done so already. Do not apply if plants are not dormant or if freezing temperatures are expected.

Replace any dead or winter-damaged trees or shrubs.