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A Green Transition: Moving Your Plants Indoors with Donaldson’s Greenhouse

Greetings to our cherished Donaldson’s Greenhouse community! As the balmy days of summer start to wane, giving way to the cooler tones of fall, it’s that moment to begin thinking about safely transitioning our outdoor houseplants into the cozy embrace of our homes. If this task feels a tad overwhelming, take a deep breath. With […]

Dive into Nocturnal Beauty: Craft Your Dream Moon Garden

Imagine this: As the sun takes its leave and twilight emerges, you’re surrounded by flowers that glitter and gleam in the moon’s tender embrace. Such is the allure of a moon garden – a sanctuary filled with plants that bloom, shimmer, and release their fragrances in the nighttime. A haven that adds a touch of […]

Little Hands, Lush Gardens: Guiding Young Gardeners this August

In an era saturated with pixels and virtual realities, immersing children in the visceral joys of the earth is an enriching and grounding experience. Gardening stands out, presenting an orchestra of learning, creativity, and a rediscovery of nature’s marvels. As the sun of August pours warmth over us, let’s dive into gardening activities designed to […]

Kitchen Herb Garden Workshop

Saturday, April 23rd at 11:00 -12;30 Second class is 1:30-3:00 $40.00 p/person includes all materials and instruction.   Plant a beautiful herb container for all your summer recipes. At this hands-on workshop, participants will build a beautiful and functional herb container that will provide fresh herbs throughout the summer. Pinch off just enough herbs for all […]


Turn your patio or balcony into an exotic tropical getaway with the help of bold, beautiful tropical plants. Used as dramatic summer annuals in trendy decorative containers, tropical plants with rich foliage or sizzling-hot blooms turn outdoor spaces into hot spots for relaxation and entertaining. From birds of paradise and flowering gingers with striking, vibrant blooms […]

All About Native Plants

What is a native plant? Seems like a simple question, right? It turns out that some things are not so easy to define. Horticulturists, botanists, growers and gardeners don’t always define the word “native” in the same way. Here’s how they differ. The Strict Definition of Native Some people believe that only plants found growing […]