Are You Ready For Some Football? Is Your Patio?

Annual Plant Combinations to Match Your Favorite Team’s Colors

It is easy to show your team spirit all season long by planting annual flower combinations that represent the colors of your favorite college or professional football team.
RED is the most popular color in sports, and rightfully so.  Red stands for determination, energy and leadership.  Consider starting your container with a vibrant Geranium, such as Fantasia® Dark Red, and combine it with Verbena ‘Snowflurry’.  This red and white color combination is ideal for fans of NCAA powerhouses Alabama Crimson Tide, Stanford Cardinals, Ohio State Buckeyes, and Texas A&M Aggies.  Add a dark accent, such as Sweet Potato Vine ‘Blackie’, and the container now sports the colors of the Louisville Cardinals, South Carolina Gamecocks and the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons.
The patriotic combination used by the New England Patriots and the Houston Texans is extremely popular, and the colors are available in several different types of annuals.  Try Calibrachoa Cabaret® Bright Red, along with Euphorbia Breathless® White, and Lobelia Waterfall™ Blue for a tribute to both your team and your country.

If you are a Washington Redskins or San Francisco 49ers fan, or a fan of the Atlantic Coast Conference Florida State Seminoles, create a dark red and gold planting with golden Creeping Jenny ‘Aurea’ (Lysimachia) and burgundy and gold variegated Coleus Versa™ Crimson Gold.  Consider adding an upright Cordyline ‘Red Star’ (spike, dracaena) to the lineup!

ORANGE stands for strength and endurance.  It is the marque color of the Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos, and the Clemson Tigers.   Bears and Broncos fans can combine Petunia Potunia® Papaya or Calibrachoa Can-Can® Apricot with Verbena Aztec® Blue Velvet and Lobelia Regatta White for an eye-catching display. Clemson diehards can simply substitute Petunia ‘Rhythm and Blues’ for the Verbena to create an exciting combination.
PURPLE symbolizes power, dignity and ambition.  Few teams have what it takes to don this color, but the NFL Baltimore Ravens and Minnesota Vikings do, along with NCAA’s Louisiana State Fighting Tigers and Northwestern Wildcats.  Consider planting two colors of the same plant, such as Calibrachoa Cabaret® Purple and Cabaret® White.  Touchdown!  Wildcats!  Add a gold accent for the others, such as Lantana ‘New Gold’, or select another color of the Cabaret® series, Cabaret® Deep Yellow.  Now there’s a winning combination.
GREEN is associated with endurance. The Green Bay Packers and the Oregon Ducks paired it with yellow gold, the color of success.  Support your winners with Osteospermum Voltage™ Yellow, Lobelia Waterfall™ White Sparkle, and variegated trailing ivy, such as ‘Gold Child’.  Michigan State fans can back their Spartans with a “whiteout” planting of Double Petunia Ruffle™ White and Euphorbia Breathless® White.  Go Green!

Wherever your loyalties lie, it’s easy to cheer for your team all season long with containers full of color.  With today’s selection at your garden center, the combinations are nearly endless. So, get in there and score!