January Garden Tips

30142-9982213-300x200If you have brought in geraniums for winter color, they must be placed in a window that receives direct sunlight all day and a daytime temperature of 70 to 75 degrees is maintained. Keep in mind geraniums do not like to be over watered.

· Never apply water to houseplants late in the afternoon. The foliage should not be wet when night comes.

· Be sure that all garden refuse that may contain any insects or disease is disposed of in the garbage and not the compost pile.

· After each heavy snowfall, one should tamp the snow around the young fruit trees to protect them from mice, which work under the snow.

· Newly planted evergreens should have the protection of a windbreak or anti-desiccant to protect from moisture loss.

· If the ground is not frozen, newly planted evergreens should again have a thorough soaking of water.

· Make sure that all bird feeding equipment is out and well stocked for the winter months.

· Remember to set out your Christmas tree when the season is over for winter protection for the birds.