Prepping Your Garden For Winter: A Step-By-Step Guide

Courtesy of Donaldson’s Greenhouse & Nursery

Hello, garden enthusiasts!

The chilly breeze is bringing in the winter season, and it’s the perfect time to get our gardens ready for the frosty months ahead. We at Donaldson’s Greenhouse & Nursery are excited to share with you the best practices to protect your cherished plants during the cold. Here’s how you can ensure a thriving garden when spring arrives:

  1. Clear and Tidy Begin by clearing out spent blooms, weeding, and removing garden debris. This is not just about aesthetics; it’s about preventing insects and diseases from taking refuge in your garden over winter.
  2. Trim and Cover Selective pruning can greatly benefit certain plants. Snip away dead and diseased limbs, and cut back perennials as needed. Then, safeguard vulnerable plants by wrapping them with burlap against the winter elements.
  3. Mulch Application Applying a generous layer of mulch is like giving your soil a warm blanket, which helps to retain moisture and keep the temperature steady. Plus, it’s a great deterrent for those spring weeds.
  4. Hydration is Key Plants need a good drink before the winter dryness sets in. Water thoroughly to ensure they’re well-hydrated, paying special attention to evergreens and recent plantings.
  5. Container Care Relocate container plants to a protected area or wrap the pots to shield them from the cold, which can cause cracking. Moving them indoors is also a great option if feasible.
  6. Soil Enrichment Now’s the time to amend your vegetable garden soil with compost or manure, which will break down over winter to create a rich, fertile bed for spring planting.
  7. Lawn Maintenance Your lawn’s last mow should be followed by aeration and the application of a winter fertilizer to reinforce the grass roots, promising a green and vibrant lawn for the next season.
  8. Maintenance of Tools Take time to clean, sharpen, and oil your gardening tools before storing them. This ensures they’ll be in top condition for your spring gardening endeavors.
  9. Planning for Spring Use the quiet of winter to plan next year’s garden. Sift through seed catalogs, jot down new plant ideas, and sketch out garden designs for an exciting start to the next growing season.
  10. Attracting Birds Bird feeders and baths aren’t just for your feathered friends’ benefit; they add life to your winter garden and help keep the pest population in check.

Follow these steps, and your garden will be well-equipped for the winter months. For any further guidance or gardening supplies, come visit us at Donaldson’s Greenhouse & Nursery.

Wishing you a joyous and productive winter gardening season!