A Green Transition: Moving Your Plants Indoors with Donaldson’s Greenhouse

Greetings to our cherished Donaldson’s Greenhouse community!

As the balmy days of summer start to wane, giving way to the cooler tones of fall, it’s that moment to begin thinking about safely transitioning our outdoor houseplants into the cozy embrace of our homes. If this task feels a tad overwhelming, take a deep breath. With the guidance of your friends at Donaldson’s Greenhouse, this transition can be as smooth as a calm breeze.

Initiate the process with a thorough examination of your leafy companions. The great outdoors, while nourishing, can sometimes expose them to unwanted guests like pests or even diseases. It’s crucial to identify and manage these concerns before they accompany your plants indoors, maintaining the harmony of your indoor garden.

After ensuring their health, indulge your plants in a gentle cleaning session, brushing off any accumulated dust and ensuring no insects tag along. For those particularly stubborn pests, a splash of insecticidal soap should resolve the issue.

Pondering a repot? This might be the golden opportunity. Check if any of your plants feel constrained or if their soil seems a little lackluster.

Let’s dive into some tropical favorites and identify the best spots for them inside:

  1. Crotons: These vibrant gems can truly illuminate an indoor space. Seek out an east or west-facing window where they can savor bright, indirect sunlight.
  2. Palms: Varieties such as Areca, Parlor, and Kentia Palms are quite fond of bright, indirect sunlight. A spot adjacent to a north or west-facing window should keep them thriving.
  3. Boston Ferns: If you’re aiming for that lush, tropical ambiance, Boston Ferns won’t disappoint. They excel in cooler, moist locations with indirect light – a bathroom setting might be just right.
  4. Bougainvillea: Eager for sunlight, these plants demand around 5 hours of direct rays daily. Hence, a perch near a south-facing window is ideal.
  5. Hibiscus: Place these delightful blooms close to a south-facing window so they can bask in ample bright, indirect light. Ensure their soil remains moist, avoiding any waterlogging.
  6. Mandevilla: Admired for their elegant blooms, Mandevillas have an appetite for sunlight. Ensure they’re situated close to a south or west-facing window, ideally supported by a trellis.

The shift from outside to inside can be an adjustment for many plants. To minimize any shock, start by bringing them indoors during the cooler evenings for a short period, then gradually increase their time inside.

Lastly, a word on care: Given the typically slower growth rates indoors, moderation in watering is key.

With these guidelines and a sprinkle of affection, you’re set to create an indoor green oasis, no matter the season. And, always remember, the team at Donaldson’s Greenhouse is just a call or visit away for any green queries or assistance!

Warm wishes until our next botanical encounter,

The Donaldson’s Greenhouse Team.