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A Green Transition: Moving Your Plants Indoors with Donaldson’s Greenhouse

Greetings to our cherished Donaldson’s Greenhouse community! As the balmy days of summer start to wane, giving way to the cooler tones of fall, it’s that moment to begin thinking about safely transitioning our outdoor houseplants into the cozy embrace of our homes. If this task feels a tad overwhelming, take a deep breath. With […]

Dive into Nocturnal Beauty: Craft Your Dream Moon Garden

Imagine this: As the sun takes its leave and twilight emerges, you’re surrounded by flowers that glitter and gleam in the moon’s tender embrace. Such is the allure of a moon garden – a sanctuary filled with plants that bloom, shimmer, and release their fragrances in the nighttime. A haven that adds a touch of […]

Little Hands, Lush Gardens: Guiding Young Gardeners this August

In an era saturated with pixels and virtual realities, immersing children in the visceral joys of the earth is an enriching and grounding experience. Gardening stands out, presenting an orchestra of learning, creativity, and a rediscovery of nature’s marvels. As the sun of August pours warmth over us, let’s dive into gardening activities designed to […]

Beat the Heat: Shade Solutions for Your Summer Garden from Donaldson Greenhouse

When the summer sun blazes overhead, finding shade in your garden becomes a top priority. Luckily, Donaldson Greenhouse has the perfect shade solutions to help you create a cool and inviting oasis right in your own New England backyard. From vibrant annuals to exotic tropicals and enduring perennials, we offer a wide range of plants […]

The Joy of July: Essential Gardening Tasks for Mid-Summer in Your Garden

From the experts at Donaldson Greenhouse As we navigate the height of summer, our gardens become a kaleidoscope of color, captivating fragrances, and the rhythmic buzz of dedicated pollinators. The time and effort we’ve invested since spring are now evident in the verdant, blooming landscapes that surround us. While July is a time to delight […]

Boosting Blooms: Synchronizing Your Fertilization with the Lifecycle of Annuals

Hello, fellow green thumbs, From the knowledgeable and friendly staff at Donaldson Greenhouse, we bring you a comprehensive guide to understanding the lifecycle of annuals. Furthermore, we will illustrate how to synchronize your fertilizing regimen to ensure maximum bloom. We’ll explore both traditional and organic options for fertilization to match your gardening preferences. This guide […]

Water-Wise Gardening Tips for June: Conserving Water in Your New Jersey Garden

As the summer heat settles in, it’s crucial to practice water-wise gardening techniques to conserve our valuable water resources. At Donaldson’s Greenhouses in Hackettstown, we prioritize sustainability and offer essential tips to help you maintain a thriving garden while minimizing water usage. By following these simple strategies, you can make a significant impact on water […]

June is National Pollinator Month

June is National Pollinator Month: Celebrating the Vital Role of Bees, Butterflies, and Pollinator-Friendly Plants at Donaldson’s Greenhouses in Hackettstown, NJ As June arrives, we also celebrate National Pollinator Month—a time dedicated to recognizing the importance of pollinators and promoting their conservation. Bees, butterflies, and other pollinators play a crucial role in our ecosystems. At […]

Demystifying Garden Fertilizers: NPK, Organic Options, and Application Tips

A thriving garden begins with healthy soil, and using the right fertilizer is essential for nourishing your plants, trees, and shrubs. With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to determine which fertilizer is best for your garden. In this blog post, we’ll explore the basics of garden fertilizers, including understanding the […]

Kitchen Gardens 3 Ways

Creating a Versatile Kitchen Garden: Garden Beds, Raised Beds, and Containers. Introduction A kitchen garden is a fantastic way to grow your own fresh, delicious vegetables, herbs, and berries right in your backyard. With various gardening methods available, such as garden beds, raised beds, and containers, you can easily find the perfect approach to suit […]