The Joy of July: Essential Gardening Tasks for Mid-Summer in Your Garden

From the experts at Donaldson Greenhouse

As we navigate the height of summer, our gardens become a kaleidoscope of color, captivating fragrances, and the rhythmic buzz of dedicated pollinators. The time and effort we’ve invested since spring are now evident in the verdant, blooming landscapes that surround us. While July is a time to delight in the magic of our gardens, it’s also a time to carry out several crucial tasks to ensure our gardens continue to thrive and enchant for the remainder of the season. Here at Donaldson Greenhouse, we’ve compiled a list of essential mid-summer gardening tasks.

1. Prioritize Hydration Summers can bring searing heat, making thorough watering crucial. Watering your plants in the cool, early morning hours helps to prevent excessive evaporation and assists in the prevention of plant diseases. A drip irrigation system can provide an effective and water-conserving solution to keep your plants well-hydrated.

2. Keep Weeds in Check Abundant sunlight and frequent watering can invite a rapid spread of weeds if not carefully managed. Regular hoeing and hand-weeding can stave off a weed invasion by preventing them from seeding. A generous application of mulch can also assist in weed control and keeps plant roots cool.

3. Tend to Your Summer-Flowering Shrubs After your summer-flowering shrubs like hydrangeas and spireas have put on their display, a thorough pruning is in order. This supports healthy growth and ensures an impressive floral display in the year to come.

4. Deadhead Flowers Regularly The consistent removal of spent blooms from your flowers not only keeps your garden looking its best but also prompts the plant to expend its energy on producing more flowers rather than on seed formation.

5. Harvest Regularly If you’re cultivating fruits and vegetables, make a note that regular harvesting keeps plants productive. Whether it’s beans, zucchinis, berries, or tomatoes, it’s crucial to pick your produce as soon as it’s ripe to promote further growth.

6. Monitor for Pests and Diseases Be on constant lookout for pests and diseases. From Japanese beetles to powdery mildew, summer pests and diseases can quickly escalate if not addressed promptly. Whenever possible, use environmentally friendly solutions, and always remember that a healthy plant is your best defense against pests and diseases.

7. Get a Head Start on Fall Though it may seem a bit early, July is the perfect time to start considering your fall garden. Begin by ordering fall bulbs and seeds, and consider sowing fall crops like kale and cabbage towards the end of the month.

8. Feed Your Plants As your plants are in their phase of vigorous growth, they’re consuming a lot of nutrients. Assist them by applying a slow-release granular fertilizer or by giving them regular liquid feedings.

9. Relish Your Garden Take time to revel in the beauty of your garden. Whether it’s sipping a cold drink in the shade, entertaining with a summer barbecue, or simply meandering among your vibrant plants, remember that the joy of gardening is just as important as the work involved.

The team at Donaldson Greenhouse is always ready to help with your gardening needs. Whether you’re looking for tools, plants, or expert advice, we’re here to assist in making your July garden thrive. Here’s to the joy of July and the pleasure of summer gardening in your personal oasis!